"Ebony Stoned" directed by Simon CF Yu
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Original Designs by: Llucy Long x EllaMaeFlossie



Photo By: Shreen Elkenani

EllaMaeFlossie presents Tea Time is an audio-visual-movement journey in afrofuturism. 

The concert styled performance piece symbolizes how women navigate thru every type of "ism" from today and yesteryear. The 3D experience provides a "Colored Museum-esque" snapshot of the lives of Matriarch, Jo and Millennial.Rooted in the herstory of America's Gullah culture and backed by a live band playing original jazz infused hip hop compositions, EllaMaeFlossie is a snapshot into womanhood. 

Faybeo'n Mickens aka DJ LiKWUiD, Zaven Embree and Paul "Willie Green" Womack, as the collaborative super group EllaMaeFlossie, have studied the African-American diaspora of music receiving influence from Gullah gospel, Harlem jazz, east coast hip hop and southern soul. 

Recognition: "For Your Consideration" by Grammy's (Best Improvised Jazz Solo, Best Urban Contemporary Album, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song), NACC #1 Hip Hop Add NACC #23 Hip Hop Chart NACC #22 Singles Chart Charted Top 10 on 13 Stations Nationwide.

LEGEND:  Ella Mae Flossie, the woman, is believed to be a direct descendant of Cato, leader of the Stono Rebellion. Around 1932, she moved to Harlem and opened a pool hall. An advocate of African American culture, she hosted regular events for artists of the Harlem Renaissance. After her establishment got burned down during the Harlem Riots of 1935 (allegedly by the police, whom she refused to bribe), she returned to South Carolina and passed away in 1968. While she touched many lives, she left very little written accounts or information about her private life- it's almost like she didn't exist; yet her legacy lives on thru the band EllaMaeFlossie.


Photo By: Elliott Ashby


coven manifesto

"We call you to find a ritual in truth and wonder. 

To find your coven and come to someone’s rescue 

We say it’s time to rage...and ...sage" 

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