EllaMaeFlossie presents Tea Time is an audio-visual-movement journey in afrofuturism. 

The concert styled performance piece symbolizes how women navigate thru every type of "ism" from today and yesteryear. The 3D experience provides a "Colored Museum-esque" snapshot of the lives of Matriarch, Jo and Millennial.Rooted in the herstory of America's Gullah culture and backed by a live band playing original jazz infused hip hop compositions, EllaMaeFlossie is a snapshot into womanhood. 

Mickens, Faybeo'n. "Sun Ra to Sunday Service and the Traphrofuturism in Between" Oregon State University, Jan. 2020 

Womack, Paul.  "Hip Hop Mixing Masterclass" presented by SonicScoop & Steinberg (Cubase and Nuendo). August 28, 2019

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